Joining Aquametric

Connecting your device to the Aquametric Network is the easiest way to view your sensor data in real time (we might be biased). For the time being, this process involves sending us an email with your sensor’s information. Here’s what we’ll need.



  1. Sensor name

  2. GPS position

  3. Photo of the installed sensor

  4. Copy of the device firmware

  5. The offset to be applied to stage values (distance between the ultrasonic sensor and stream bed)

  1. Information about additional sensors on your device (descriptions, offsets, post-processing)

  2. A cross section of the stream’s profile (for calculating flow rate)

  3. A correlation between stream height and velocity for your stream (for calculating flow rate)

When you’re ready, just email us at We’ll work with you to get the webhooks set up to interface with our server.


If you’re having trouble getting something on the list, let us know. We’re happy to help with the process.

Other Options

There are a host of maker friendly iot platforms that can accept the JSON data that the device produces.,, and even IFTTT (which now directly supports Particle) may suit your needs. Depending on what you choose, there may be a prebuilt solution to get the data from Particle, but otherwise, you will likely need webhooks and http requests to do this.